TOP 10 Favorite Pictures

#10 Fall Family Photo

I have known the dad of this family for over 6 years now, he was my first boss when I graduated from COTA school! He is a great guy and I just love his family! Fall is my absolute FAVORITE time of year and I just think the colors of their outfits with the colors of the trees is amazing…I didn’t do anything special but I just think it turned out pretty, I was in the right place at the right time 🙂 10

#9 My Final Wedding…

This wedding was really fun! I mean come on, look how sassy everyone is in this photo! For being in December it really wasn’t too cold either! This was the final wedding that I would photograph (I did not know this as the time) as Summer Set Photography! There are going to be a few exceptions but for the most part I am now doing weddings with my partner Anna Fincher of Moberly! We have formed Central Missouri Wedding Photography. If you haven’t done so yet, check us out on our website!


#8 The Wine Bottle

If you know anything about product photography you know that glass is the hardest thing to photograph…which is the first thing I decided to try of course! LOL. Not only was I trying this for the first time I was doing it with a broken arm! I just took this last week. It took me a day to get all the photos I wanted and a second day to figure out the editing to get them merged together to come out with this image. Hey, for my first time trying product photography I’m not going to complain! I definitely see some things I can improve on and would do differently but it was a great learning experience for me!


#7 My First Fresh 48

This is my first and only Fresh 48 that I have captured (not that I don’t do them so contact me if you are interested!). It was SO much fun! I thought this was such a unique picture to take (the mom didn’t know I was taking it). She was trying to sneak in a little picture of the adorable newborn during the session and I couldn’t help but capture that! It just warmed my heart ❤


#6 My First Silhouette

I really like to challenge myself! This amazing couple asked me to do a second engagment session a few days after the first one we did because the weather was so much better. I was the one who was obsessed with getting this shot. I had done a lot of research before the session on “how” to do it. We get there and I still took probably 30 shots. Then we did a couple of more poses and pictures then I asked them if I could try taking that picture one more time (because it had gotten darker and the darker the better the silhouette will show up I was finding out as I went along). They of course let me and I came out with this amazing picture! AAHHHHHHH……I just love it!!! Not bad for my first time…well it might have been like the 40th picture but my first attempt at this type of shot LOL.  


#5 The Beautiful Countryside

I will be doing this couple’s wedding this September and I did there engagement session last fall! HOW BEAUTIFUL is this scene!? OMG!! If I could wake up to this every day, count me in…drinking a cup of coffee on my back porch first thing in the morning looking out at this…oh sorry I got distracted. Anyway, as beautiful as this country side is, I learned a few editing tricks to make it even more beautiful…I added the sky! How cool is that!? I have only done it a few times since then but I think it is a cool thing to know how to do! (I will post the before picture under this picture)


5-2 (2)

#4 Head shots

I have only done a few head shots (Ashley is only my third person ever). For whatever reason I am very proud of this one. Ashley is a classmate of mine from High School. I did her family pictures this past fall and then she contacted me about doing some head shots because she was going to be running for office. (She is running for Randolph County Circuit Clerk) I am so proud of the way this picture in particular turned out. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s the flag, maybe it was feeling honored enough to have an old class mate trust me with something so important. I just feel like this picture really sums up Ashley. She is a genuine, caring, amazing person. So if you plan to vote, vote Ashley Underwood for Randolph County Circuit Clerk!


#3 My Family

This picture is of my sister Heather and her 3 children. This picture sums up my family. We are always laughing and joking around with each other. Especially the kids. I’m so honored that I get to be the one to document them growing up through pictures! I love that I get to be such a big part in their lives. Love you guys!


#2 The Ninja

This crazy little ninja is my nephew Alex! This right here just sums him up. Also sums up my love of photographing children. We took these for his 4th birthday. We took some “serious” ones then we got down to business…playing ninja turtles! Kids just don’t care how they look in pictures and they just have fun. Man do I have fun with this kiddo, and again I’m so grateful I get to document all of his special occasions!


#1 My Love for Photography

I am the type of person that gets bored REALLY easy with things. I love to craft but I could never open an Etsy shop because I can’t make the same thing over and over again. I will make one for myself and I’m done, I’m ready to move on to something else. My whole life I never knew what I wanted to do or what my passion was. When I was 25  I graduated to become an Occupational Therapy Assistant. Then about 2 years ago I had my 3rd back surgery. I was lost. I just was not bouncing back like I did with the other 2. I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do with my life.  I loved my job and thought I had found what I was supposed to do forever! I prayed and kinda thought about photography but a couple of things always crossed my mind…what if I get bored…what if I’m not good enough? Well fast forward a little, I was forced to take a desk job. After praying for what felt like forever and asking God to give me the answers, I kept getting the same answer…photography.  So in October of 2017 I quit my job to peruse photography full time!  I started renting a room for my studio 2 months ago and things are going very well! As well as can be expected for the moment, I broke my arm 2 1/2 weeks ago…the youngest boy in my #3 picture…ya it was his 9th birthday party and we were roller skating. That’s all I’m going to say about that. So the 2 things that always cross my mind, #1) I have been doing photography for 3 years now and I’m still not bored so I think it’s safe to say I’m going to be ok LOL. #2) As far as not being good enough, I’m always going to be my toughest critic. If I wasn’t hard on myself I would never get any better.  I can finally see the progress I’m making and I’m not going to stop anytime soon!  Let’s move on to this actual picture, I took this on a cold Sunday (or maybe Saturday) morning this March…it was cold (which I hate) and it was a weekend. I didn’t want to leave the house. I had to though, not because someone was going to pay me but because I KNEW I was going to be able to get a picture like THIS! So not only did I get this beautiful image I LOVED doing it! In case you want to know this picture is taken at Lion’s Beuth Park in Moberly, MO, the same place my #10 photo is taken 🙂


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