10 Random Facts About Me

This week I’m going to take the time to let you get to know me a little better! In case you don’t know me my name is Summer 🙂

#1 My Family

So at my house it’s just be and my husband…and our 5 dogs! Yes, we have 5. A couple of them are rescued and a couple we have had since they were puppies. We just LOVE dogs. We don’t have any kids but we have plenty of nieces and nephews to spoil 😉


I am a certified occupational therapy assistant. I got my degree in 2011 and have mostly worked in nursing homes, which I LOVE! My favorite part is getting to spend time with the same people every single day. I did work at Boone Hospital for a couple of years which kind of leads me to:

#3 Back Surgeries 

I have had 3 of them. My third one was while I was working at Boone in 2016. I was running out of paid time off and had to make a decision about what I was going to do. I decided to take a desk job for a while because my back was not strong enough to go back to work as a therapist. I thought I would never be a therapist again. It literally broke my heart. It took me years to decide what I wanted to go to school for. I didn’t graduate from college until I was 25. Then I had finally decided what to do and went to school for it and then because of something that was totally out of my control I wasn’t going to be able to do my career anymore. I was heartbroken. I let my license expire. Then my back started to feel better and I thought I would give it a chance again and have been working PRN (as needed) since December! My lack of motivation doing my desk job was what brought me to peruse my dream of being a full time photographer. Leading me to my next random fact.

#4 Faith

I prayed and prayed and prayed (probably the most I have ever prayed about one thing in my life) asking God if quitting my job to become a full time photographer was the right thing to do. Every single day for 1 week I asked him to give me signs to tell me what was the right decision. Every single day I got the same answer, peruse photography. On the finally day of my week I went to church that day and the entire service was about following your dreams. I just knew it was written for me and I walked out saying “ok, I get it!” LOL. So I quit my job 2 days later!

#5 I was in the Army 

When I was 19 I joined the Army. I was in basic training at Fort Leonard Wood…ya I didn’t get to go very far! While I was there I broke my pelvis and my heel. I came home for a month to try to let them heal in order to return to training but they just hurt too much. So I returned to base and had to wait there for a couple of months to be discharged.

#6 My Dream Vacation

So my dream vacation is to go to Hawaii, but not just because it looks AMAZING and beautiful! My birthday is on Pearl Harbor day, so I have always felt a need to see Pearl Harbor. I hear it is an emotional place to visit, the pictures alone give me goosebumps, but when the time is right that is the one place in the world I would like to see most!

#7 My Wild Side

I currently have 6 tattoos and would LOVE to have some more! I only have my ears pierced now but I use to have 3 other piercings. I love coloring my hair! Working in healthcare (especially at the hospital) I had to be careful with what I did to my hair and my appearance in general. Now that I am a full time photographer I love that those choices are now up to me! I haven’t went too crazy yet, but be on the look out…you just never know!

#8 Hobbies

Since photography is now more of a job instead if a hobby I will tell you about my other hobbies. I like anything crafty! I have a cricut and recently learned how to use it. I have a sewing machine and have started a t shirt quilt. I am hosting a scrapbook crop in a couple of weeks…so ya, pretty much anything to do with crafts. My favorite part? I can incorporate that into my photography! I LOVE to make my own props!

#9 COFFEE and Wine

Every morning I wake up and have 1 cup of coffee. I LOVE my morning cup of  coffee. I recently had to switch to half caff because of some stomach issues and I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but so far so good! I like mine with a LOT of creamer! I also like wine, anything sweet. The sweeter the better.

#10 Snakes and Mice 

I don’t like either of these. Like at all…Can we say creepy!?

Hope you have had some fun getting to know a little bit more about me! I will be posting again soon!

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