Newborn Sessions

You are having a BABY!! Congratulations!! Once the baby gets here things start to get a little crazy…people are visiting, the baby is up every couple of hours through out the night, next thing you know it’s time for you to go back to work or the baby is a year old! I’m writing this post because things get hectic for all of us but especially you new mamas out there. If you plan to have newborn pictures done there are some things you should know BEFORE the baby gets here! So I’m here to help!

If you are planning to get newborn pictures done the best thing you can do is schedule your session BEFORE the baby arrives. I know you think you will have plenty of time after the baby gets here…wrong! Did you know the best time to have a session for newborns is within the first 10 days after they are born? 10 DAYS!! That’s LESS than 2 weeks! That will fly by once your little one gets here!! There are so many posed and cute sleeping pictures moms want in their newborn session which is great, but after those first 10 days it is really hard and sometimes impossible to get them! That is why it’s so important to do them as soon as you can. Now you might be asking yourself, I’m only 6 months along, I don’t know when I’m going to have this baby, how do I schedule for that? That is a great question! All you have to do is contact me and stay in contact with me through out your pregnancy! I know you have no idea when your baby is coming, and that’s okay. I’m a full time photographer, so my schedule is pretty flexible.

You booked the session, now what? I’m going to help you through that too! I have a studio at my home in my spare room, we can do the session at my home or yours! If we do them at yours all I need is a big window for light, I will bring the rest! (except the baby of course LOL) Doing them in your home we can always take pictures in the nursery, or in your bedroom! If the session will be in your home be sure to turn up the heat to about 80 degrees approximately 1 hour before the session, the baby will be naked a lot and a warm baby is a happy baby.  No matter where we do the session be sure the baby is fed right before the session. Let me know what kind of schedule your newborn is on so we can schedule for the best time. Have things ready ahead of time, you don’t want to be rushing around at the last minute and the baby pukes on you, then you have to change and you still need to find that “perfect” outfit! Be sure to pack any clothes, hats/headbands, stuffed animals or blankets you would like in the pictures. Be sure to bring a back up outfit for the baby, you never know what could happen in the one you really want a picture of them in. Bring extra diapers and wipes, formula, bottles ect.

Now let’s get down to cost, I charge $150 for my newborn sessions with no time restraint. You just never know when a baby will need to be changed 5 times or fed twice during a session. I don’t want you worried about that so that is why there is no time limit (with that being said please be considerate of my time). You will receive 20 edited images. If you would like additional images they can be purchased for $5 each. They can be uploaded to my website were you can download them to your computer and order professional prints. Or You can get a disc for $5 or USB for $10. There is a $20 charge to travel over 30 miles. There is a $50 deposit required for newborn sessions, my deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. Deposits can be made via PayPal or by mailing a check or money order. The remainder of the balance can be paid via card or cash on the day of the session.  Contact me today with any questions or to book your session! I can’t wait to meet you and your little one!


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