What is a Fresh 48 Session?

So I get a lot of questions or funny looks when I say something about a “Fresh 48” session. That leads me to this post! I want to share with you exactly what this session is in hopes to clear some of those questions up. A fresh 48 session is a photo session documenting some of the special moments during the first 48 hours of your newest addition(s). Some examples of things that can be captured during a fresh 48 session could be siblings/grandparents meeting the newest addition(s) for the first time, the first diaper change, baby in the hospital bassinet, details about the room, baby in their first outfit, flowers that were sent…the list could go on and on. You want to remember those special moments forever and you are going to be so busy with doctors, nurses and visitors that it’s going to FLY by! What better way to remember it than to have me document it for you!? These moments can either be captured at your home or in your hospital room. What other questions do you have? Contact me today and I would be happy to answer them before your special little one arrives! Please check out these pictures of a fresh 48 session I did last week! Isn’t she adorable!?!?  https://summersetphotography.pixieset.com/maeleesfresh48/

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